Can I trust on-line shopping?

Every purchase in our on-line shop is100% sure.
Rhodani Pesca S.L. puts all its efforts in assure Internet payments. Your bank data are protected and encrypted by the most advanced technology. So it is safer sending your data to the Bank Server than paying in a restaurant or in a petrol station. Your bank data are sent by the CES protocol (Safe Electronic Commerce) and they will be transfer in a totally safe environment to our bank. Under no circumstances your data will be registered.
If you have any doubt about internet safety payment, please contact our Customer Service using the Customer Service Form. They will be glad to help you. 

How can I make an order?

One of our goals is making your shopping process easy and effective. You should have a look at our products selection or use the searcher to find what you are looking for.
Once you have found the product you were looking for, click on “Add to basket” in the detailed product site if you want to add it to your basket and the product will be added automatically and you can go on shopping. When you had finished go to the top right corner and you will find the basket icon, click on “Confirm” and you will see the product list, which you can modify, for example: you change the product quantity, or you can delete a product from the basket. If you want to continue shopping, click on “Continue Shopping”.
Once you have added to the basket all the products wanted, you should select the shipping and then you are ready to finish your purchase. Click on “Finish Purchase” and fill the Personal Information Form. 

_If you are registered in our website, you only need to write your email and your password.

_If you are a new customer you must fill in the Personal Information Form: name, surname, email, address, postal code, city (you can select one) and mobile phone. Please, be sure that before paying your order all your personal information is right. After adding you personal information you must chose a payment way. Once you had filled all the required information you will see the order confirmation; moreover, we will send you a confirmation email with the details of your order. 

_If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service using the Customer Service Form. Our customer service team would be glad to help you. 

How can I see the items I have in my basket?

You can see your basket, when you put the mouse on the basket (in the top right corner) and you will see a window where all the added items are.

How can I add new items to the basket?

To add a new item to the basket you should write the desired quantity and click “Add to basket”.
If you want to change the quantity of any product in the basket, you should change the number in the box “quantity”. You will see that the item price changes proportionally.
To continue shopping, click on « Continue shopping ».
The basket lets you know the number of items you have chosen. You can search for different items while your basket continues with the items selected before. Once you had finished your purchase, click on “Confirm” and “Next”.

I added an item to my basket that was on offer yesterday, why is it not on offer today?

Having an item in your basket does not mean that you can buy it on offer. If you add an item to your basket when it is on offer, the item price will change when the offer ends. We recommend you to purchase the items on offer, which you are interested in, as soon as possible.

How can I change the item quantity in the basket?

First of all, you should click on “Confirm”(at the top right corner) inside the basket. That allows you to see all the items included and the quantity. To change a particular product quantity, you must change the quantity that appears in the box “quantity” and “+” or “-“ to set the desired quantity. Once you had done the change, you will see that the item price changes proportionally.

How can I know if the order has been made successfully?

After completing the purchase process you will see a confirmation window with all the purchase details, your address and the products you have chosen. Please print your confirmation sheet as a statement.
You will also receive a confirmation order by email which proofs that we have received your order. Please be sure that you have written your email address well in order to receive our confirmation emails.

Can you deliver my order in a different address as that one from the invoice?

Yes! We can change you delivery address only if the order has not been sent yet. Please, send us an email or call our Customer Service in order to change your personal information. (We recommend you to call us in order to accelerate the process). You will need to let us know you order number, your new delivery address and anything else we need to know to deliver your order. Please, be aware that your order is going to be managed very quickly, so please let us know any change you need as soon as possible.
If you have any questions about the delivery, please call our Customer Service using the Customer Service Form. Our Customer Service will be glad to help you.

Do I need an email to make an order?

When it is the first time that you order from us, an email is required in order to send you your confirmation order and keep you inform about the delivery or any incident in you purchase.
We will also send you emails with the novelties or offers, so as to the payment statements or returns.

How can I know if an article is in stock?

You can know if a product is available in our website, when you click on a product you can see all de product details. It does no matter if there is stock of a product or no, you can always make your order. 

Products in Stock

The text « Available » shows the availability of a product when we have it in our storehouse.

Products not available in our storehouse:

If a product is not in stock in our storehouse but our dealer has availability of it, the delivery time will be shown as “days” (for instance 5 days) or “date” (for instance 20/01/2014). The delivery time will depend on the delivery service you had selected in the basket. Please be aware that these dates are estimated delivery date to our storehouse. Once we had received the products, we will manage your order as you had bought a “product in stock”.


If the article is not shown in our website, or the « Available » box is empty you cannot buy that product in particular.


When should I pay my order?

If you have paid by transference or by PayPal, we will deliver your order once we had received the payment in our accounts.
If you pay with credit card, your order will be managed once we had received your bank permission. The credit card on-line payment is done through the security system CES (Sure Electronic Commerce) which codifies your bank data when they are transmitted through internet.
If any of the chosen articles are not available and we have received your payment we will refund you the unavailable product price. 

Can I change my delivery address after having finished the order?

Once we have sent the order to the provided address when cannot change the delivery information. If you are not at home when your order arrives, the deliveryman will let you a notice letter in order to either be in contact with him to agree on a different delivery timetable or pick the order up in the messenger office. 

Can I know my order state on-line?

Yes! You can check your order in every moment in the “Tracking order” field.
Moreover, when the articles are ready and the order had been sent, we will send you an email to let you know that your package has been sent. In the email you will find a link from where you can track your order and see its state. 

Will I receive my order soon?

Most of our shipments are received between 1 and 3 working days after getting the payment.
When you make an order, at the moment when you choose the way of shipment, we will let you know the estimated delivery period to each option. 

Which countries do you send products to?

All over the world! If your country is not in the list at the top right corner of your screen, please contact us and we will confirm you if your order can be delivered to your address.
IMPORTANT: we are not allowed to send some of our brands to some countries in particular.

Where is my order?

If you do not have your order in at least 10 days after having paid, please contact us (saying your name, email, tracking order and phone number) and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
You can know where your order is clicking on « My orders » in the bottom right corner (My Account).
If you have any doubt about your order, please contact our Customer Service using the Customer Service Form, and they will be glad to help you. 

How long will it last?

Your order will be delivered between 2 and 7 working days, depending on the country and the delivery way. In some occasions, there are possible delays by reasons that not under our control (accidents, traffic). Once the articles are prepared to be shipped, we will send you and email to inform you that your order has been sent and we will attach a link with tracking number. 

How can I know the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are added to the product price. The shipping costs depend on the destination/ country where the shipment will be delivered.
Every time you add a product to the basket the shipping costs change automatically. You can check the final price including the shipping costs before finishing your purchase.
The shipping costs depend on the products volume and weight. In same cases, the shipping costs are not modified when you add an article to the basket. 

How will be my package sent?

In the European Union you can choose the following options:
_ Postal shipping: All the products in stock will be sent to you in 4/7 working days.
_ SEUR-GLS: Terrestrial transport. All the products in stock will be sent to you in between 2 and 5 working days.
Countries Outside the European Union, you can choose one of the following options:
_ DHL AIR WORLWIDE EXPRESS: Express Air Service. All the products in stock will be sent to you in between 2 and 4 working days. You should choose a desired way of shipping from the basket. You can only choose the shipping during the purchase process.

IMPORTANT: The delivery time is estimated depending on you address and the order handle time is excluded. 

What happens if I am not at home when the package arrives?

If you are not at home when the package arrives and the deliveryman cannot leave it to anyone or anywhere, the deliveryman will leave you a notice letter in order to contact with the postal office and find a different timetable. The deliveryman will come twice to your address to ship the package. If anyone can receive the package in the indicated address, please let us know you work address or a friend address.

What happens when my order has been returned because it could not been shipped?

Is it possible that we have the returned package because the deliveryman could not ship it to anyone at your address. In this case, we will contact to you in order to know if you are interested in receiving the order or if you prefer a refund.
If the package could not been shipped in a 2 weeks period, it will be returned to our offices.

Quels ont été-t-ils les motifs de retournement?

We can receive your returned package due to:
_Wrong address.
_Anybody could pick it up Turing 2 weeks.
_The package has been refused by the customer. 

Can I have a delivery address different from the billing one? (For example if I want to send a present to someone in a different town)

Yes! It is possible to send a package to a different address from the billing one. However, for shipments out of the EU and due to Customs problems, the order must be made with the same name and the same delivery address and with the country destination currency.
All the required information during the purchase process should be filled with the addressee personal information.

Can I cancel an order after the delivery?

Once your order has been sent you cannot cancel it. If you want to cancel an order, you must do it before the shipment, we will refund you the payment including the shipping costs. It is important that you contact us the same day you make the order in the case that you want to cancel it.

Will you send my order if there are any product out of stock?

Case 1: When you are purchasing:
When you make an order, in the product details we show if the article is available and ready to be sent or if it has an estimated availability date. Once we have all the desired products in our storehouse we will send you the full order. 

Case 2: When we are preparing your package:
If your order is ready to ship and while we are preparing the package we find a mistake in the stock, we will ship the products available and we will refund you the money of the missing product. 

Case 3: While preparing your package:
If any of the desired articles are going to be out of stock for a long time, we will send you an email with a list of similar products, but we will need your authorization to make the exchange. If you do not want an exchange we will refund you the amount paid.



Which are the reasons to return an article?
If you are not satisfied with any of the products, you can return us the product and obtain a refund in the following 7 days.

IMPORTANT: Please do not put any adhesive tape or sticks directly in the box/ package. You must cover the product first.

Are there any products in particular that I could not return?

If you are not satisfied with a product you can return it in 7 days from the delivery date. You can return it only if it is not used and in suitable conditions to be sold again. You must include the original box and sticks, regarding that the product will not suffer a decrease in its value. 

Can I return products that are not my size? Is the return free?

If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it in the following 7 days after the delivery date. The product must not be used. You will obtain a refund.
Remember that the product must be new and in its original package with the original sticks. You must attach the Return Form.
The shipment costs will be free only if we have make mistake when we sent you the order. 

How can I know if my return has been received?

We usually get the packages in our offices in 2/10 working days depending on the country of origin. We open the package in order of arrival. Your return can take between 2-3 working days after the receipt.
When you fill in your personal information please let us know your email in order to send you a confirmation email to confirm that we are handling your order/ return. 

How can I exchange my product for a different one?

If you are not satisfied with you the product you bought, you can return the product and have a refund in 7 days after the shipment.
The product should be return in its original package/ box with the original sticks. The product must be new. In suitable conditions to be sold again and with all the documents included.
In case of Exchange, the customer must pay the return costs fully. Once we had received the goods in our storehouse and checked that all the required conditions are right, we will admit the return and we will refund you your money: 
_ If you paid by credit card, we will refund your Money to the same credit card.
_ If you paid by transfer, we will ask you your bank account to refund your money.
_ If you paid by PayPal, we will refund your money in the same credit card. 

How will I receive my refund?

Once received, checked the product and handled the return, we will refund your money according to the way of payment chosen by you.
You will receive it in you account in 4/10 days, depending in the way of payment chosen and your bank. 

What should I do if I received a mistaken product?

You can return the product in 7 days from the receipt of the product. Please be aware of the 7-days-period you have to contact us, filling in the Return Form. Remember that you must fill in the Form with the order number, email and returning reasons. Afterwards we will send you an email with the instructions that you have to follow to ship the return. If you have any doubt please call us to (0034) 985174717 and our customer service will be glad to help you. 

What should I do if I have received a faulty product?

All the products offered have a 2-year-guarantee. If you find that the article is faulty, or does not work correctly, it will be send to the manufacturer. The waiting time could vary depending on the handling time that the manufacturer customer service could have.
The decision of either return or repair depends on the manufacturer. You can return a faulty product contacting with us using the Return Form. You only have to fill the Form with your order number and the return reason and we will send you an email with the instructions you have to follow to send us the product.

What should I do if I have received a product that is not right?

When you receive your order please be sure that the product is not damaged. The package has to be in good condition. If you receive a package in bad conditions you have to note it in the deliveryman invoice, you should reject the shipment and contact using the Return Form in the next 24h.
If the package does not seem damaged during the transportation and you have already signed the deliveryman invoice, please open the package and be sure that the merchandise is in good conditions. If the product is in bad conditions or you do not agree with the transportation (but you have not realised at the moment of the delivery) you have to contact with us using the Return Form in the following 7 days after the receipt.

The shipping company assures us the product during 7 days, so you should be conscious and contact with us in the established time. Once you have filled the Return Form you will receive an email with the instructions that you have to follow to send us the return. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate and contact us in the (0034)985174717 and our Customers Service will be glad to help you.

How should I prepare the return package?

Please be aware that to return an order you follow all the required steps: 

  • You have a 7 days period from the receipt of the order.
  • You have filled the Return Form and you have a return number.
  • The product must be perfectly covered in its original package to avoid damages during shipping. Products must be protected by an additional external cover, such as you received it.
  • The product must be unused and in perfect conditions.
  • The product must be sent with all the documents and accessories included: sticks, covers, know-how book, CD, and so on.
  • The product must be return with the Return Form perfectly filled with the return number.



Which are the payment ways? 

-Credit/debit card payment:

If you choose credit card payment, your order must wait for your bank authorization. The on-line payment with credit card uses the security system “Secure Socket Layer”, which codifies your bank data when they are transmitted through internet. For security reasons, Rhodani Pesca S.L. verifies every order paid with credit card. We accept American Express, Maestro and any Visa and Mastercard with the system verified by Visa. This payment way does not have any additional cost. 

-Transfer payment:

You should pay by transfer to the indicated bank account.

Important: You have to indicate in the bank statement the reference that we give you when you finish your purchase. In case of no indication we will cancel the order and we will refund you the amount transfer.
This payment way does not have any additional cost. 

-PayPal Payment:

You can pay fast and safe without sharing any financial information with Rhodani Pesca S.L. using your PayPal account or with your credit/debit card. PayPal codifies automatically confidential data using the best technologies available in the market. This payment way has an additional cost that is shown in the lower part of your order. 

- Cash on delivery payment:

This payment way is only available for deliveries to Peninsular Spain. 

Is it safe using my credit card in your website?

Every purchase in our website is 100% safe. Rhodani Pesca S.L. puts all its efforts in internet safety payment. Your bank data are protected and encrypted by the most advanced technology so it is safer purchasing at Rhodani than paying in a restaurant or Petrol Station.
If you have any doubt about internet safety payment, please contact with our Customer Service using the Customer Service Form. Our Customer Service will be glad to help you. 

While I was ordering something a message showing a payment error appeared. What is the problem?

Please check that your credit card number and the expiration date are right. Moreover, be aware that we also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro for the credit card payments.
Sometimes your bank can hold the money in your account for any security reasons to assure that you really want to make the purchase. This is especially common if you do not buy frequently in internet, if you have made several purchases in the last few days or if your credit card is new.
We recommend you to call your bank to let them know that you are trying to shop on-line.
In that way, they can confirm your identity and activate your card. However, if the error messages come from your bank and not from our on-line shop, we recommend you to first call your bank to ask for further information.

Are taxes included in the products?

For European Customers:

According to the European Union member law, Rhodani Pesca, S.L. is obliged to add taxes in every product delivered in the European Union. Every product price includes Spanish taxes (21% I.V.A.) But if the shipments are to areas excluded from taxes I.V.A., we can cancel the I.V.A. cost you only have to send us an email using the Contact Form and let us know that your area is excluded from I.V.A. We will cancel the cost and we will refund you the  pertinent amount. 

For Customers out of the European Union:

Prices do not include taxes. 

Are there any extra delivery cost not indicated in the website?

No! All the costs are indicated in the basket before ending the order and the will incluye also the shipping costs and any other charges. There are some areas with an extra cost, such as the Canary Islands.  

For customers out of the European Union:

The shipping costs do not include extra costs such as Custom Clearance and taxes that will be afforded by the merchandise consignee. 

How can I know if the payment has been accepted?

Once we have received your payment we will ship your order. We will also send you an email confirming that your order has been sent. If there is any problem with the payment we will contact with you by email.
If you have paid by transfer, please follow all the instructions we gave you. You only have a 2-4 day period to transfer the money.
You order will be cancel if we do not receive the payment in 15 days. 

Can I continue with the payment if the payment time had expired?

Please contact our Customer Service by email and tell us you order number. If we your products are available we can reactivate your order and ship it once we have received the payment. 

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a safe payment way to on-line customers. Nowadays, Paypal has 100 millions members in 190 countries and regions. It has the fastest and surest service and an assurance politic for their customers with credit card and financial information.

How can I become a PayPal member?

You can become a member in the following link www.paypal.com 

How can I pay with PayPal?

If you want to pay with Paypal please click on “Paypal” as a payment option when you are purchasing. New PayPal customers will be redirected to the PayPal website to register.


How can I cancel an order?

If you have made an order and you want to either exchange any article or return it, please call us immediately telling your order number and your personal information. Our Customer Service will help you from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00. You can also contact us using the Customer Service Form available 24h, 365 days.
Your order can be completely cancelled before shipping. Please cancel it as soon as possible because if your payment has been received we proceed quickly with the shipment and sometimes is not possible to cancel your order.
If your order has been shipped from our storehouse you can reject it at the time of receipt by not accepting it. The shipping company will send it back to us. In this case the shipping cost will not be refunded.

Once we knew the cancellation we will refund you the amount paid, excluding shipping costs, using the payment way you chose.